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People are of bewildering varieties. As I was in a relaxed tint during the last Christmas vacation, I happen to gaze at the variety of smile that people wear or perhaps offers ! Some of us put lot of effort and stress to smile at their dear or near ones. Some offer a lavish broadened cheeks and pleasant eyes at the outset. However it fades away quite fast. Some others will be eternally waiting for the first smile to come from the other end so as to reciprocate politely.

All that smiles is not happiness. Some are from habit while some others are tempted by social nature or upbringing. I wish I can smile as long as I am happy and be meaningfully silent otherwise. I am not sure if the types of smiles are limited to a few, but it is quite sure that their are only a couple of emotions that can induce a wholehearted smile!

— From Fizzog