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Culture, nation, problems of language and ethnic and racial dimensions. These questions plague every governments worldwide. India is also not alien to these probing thoughts. What makes me curious is the complex theme known as cultural nationalism. We know that the themes of culture exist before the formation of nations. However nation as the structure of post-capitalist societies around the world is undergoing rapid transformations. When capital produces, circulates and consumes cultural tropes and memes through it’s media fabric, culture becomes just a vestige of the capital circuitry. Current form of global capitalism need to be seen as a network of inequalities that tries to balance itself through non- linear means. People like John Nash have tried to see the intricacies of these economic circuits. It will only be a limited truth to believe that the world economy is always in a perennial state of equilibrium. If it was a true axiom in itself we would not have had any crises or recessions or great depressions and catastrophic cataclysmic events in different historic phases.