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A wiseman climbed a steep mountain. A mountain stretched so long like a wrinkled lips of a wavering woman. He fell ill on the 13th step on a Friday night. He had nightmares all throughout that night. He woke up next day morning seeing an army of ants and grasshoppers marching over a lush green grass. He gazed at the grass wedges and their gleaming pupil. He smelled a foul mushroom and felt so agitated and aroused. He felt an exuberance of ebullient kind. He walked further uphill. He found many kind of stones upward. Pink stones, peal wreaks, prisms, pennies, pieces pieces, piercing poppies, penchant potatoes. These were some of the peculiar stone hinges. Then came a nomadic solar eclipse. It lasted 21 days, 17 nights. There were so many steps ahead. It was all well until he reached the 29th step. Everything looked clumsy, chiseled and shattered. He took a moment of pause and looked beneath. 3300 feet above the mother earth and the warring tides. He just took a breath and loved the lace of gentle air beyond him. He must have stood another 3300 seconds and 33 hours ahead in time ! Everything stood in frames, nothing but inverted coma !!