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Let me invite you to a dark room

Darker than the inquisition tables of the middle ages

Murkier than the ink pots of Homer and Vyaas

Colorful than the counselling tables of Sigmund Freud

Vocal than the greatest canvasses of Van Gogh and Picasso

World of cinema, magic and psychotherapy, they offer a new vision

You are inverted, you mirror yourself, you paint yourself

As the film strip steps up your emotion, a new arrow is born

A new arrow into the myriads of mirrors within you

Let us salute those epic film makers

For their adrift skills and voyage through this ocean of art

When I walk through these streets of optics and montage

I enter a new phase, when I can read thousands of patterns in your faces

Magic moments, Misty eyes, Gleam in my pupil, Glory in the crowds

I embrace all these, only to taste the vibrant waves of kinesthetics!