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Do I sound like a machine?

Do I sound like a mundane musician?

Do I sound like a muted magician?

Do I sound like a machine?

I have my hands chiseled on the days

I have my nerves chiseled at nights

I have my cheeks chiseled at twilight

My nerves are huddling between mirrors and circles

Do I need to sound like a man?

Do I need to sound like a human harmless?

Do I need to swim across the swamps that you created?

Do I make sense when I vomit my vernacular blood?

Do I need to wobble across history?

I do sound like a question answering machine

I do live like a machine

I do keep silence like a mutant

I do keep numbers close to my heart

I do wake up and sleep with the clock

I do travel on the roads with the four wheeled motion

I do smile according to the whims and fancies of my television

I am not a dumb head, nor I am the shrapnel you need for this hour

I am just a piece of rotted catfish,

I am just a round round hound around the mounted fist

I was, am, will be with you until the last word perish from our memory!