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Now we have a lip kiss movement in Kerala

On the roads, they kissed like rioters

Is kiss and hiss a form of riot?

Is kiss and hiss a form of resistance?

Let me not dare snakes to answer this!

Let’s pen down what happens beneath a hissful kiss!

Lip kiss moments of a vertebrate

That spins its spine leftward

And rightward as wind weaves its heist

A heist of meanings

A heist of lifeless lip kisses

Wind hays with the wicked imaginations

It is all that happened

Does hummingbird kisses its mate?

Anatomy of a lipkiss movement

Inspired this little heap of words

Dissection of a leafless mind

Does not arise from a lipkiss

Lipkiss is important for them

Lipkiss is important for their media

Lipkiss is their act of acting and enacting tumorous cells

Death by imagination

Dearth of imagination

Love, life and death are entwined in kisses

Litterateurs opine

Opinators also kiss

Nomades also kiss

Opionators does spit

At times I spit on the road

At times I spit in silver spoons

It does not matter to me

It does not matter to you either

Spit and Kiss

Both from your sweet strawberry made lips

Both from my pulverized and punctured lips

Now let’s look at the army of kissers

They say, they explod and they expose

But the world moves on tangents

Without kissing anything and anyone

Without hissing and phising anyone

Without spitting any venom in any lipkiss

Now we have any army of kissers

In a media cooked kitchen

Rioters created a chariot of crickets

Those crickets created a creeping wedge

And the wedge was wicked in itself

It drove them to a pan cake table

The army of kissers

They were hungry and harping

They kissed the lenses of horn eyed cameras

They kissed the nerves of the tongue tied public

Much ado about a thing called a lip to lip lock

It may make sense to you

If may not make sense to you

Do you like to cut you lips and fry them for tomorrow’s breaking news!

Think before you kiss for the lenses and lesser imagination