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A Rich thing is a real thing

A real rich thing is a clumsy thing

It closes your eyes and tails your hunger

A rich thing is a poor thing

It fumbles in the yards like a scarecrow

A poor thing is a real thing

A poor thing is a random walk

A poor random thing is a piece of moth

It sheds life anytime, anywhere and everywhere

It can live through the lava, not through the rich thing

A poor thing is a powerful thing.

A poor thing is a sarcastic thing

Rich things gets itched by poor things

Rich things root on the roofs of the poor things

Rich things routs the roots of the poor things

Rich things does not know augur well with the smoke and the dust

Rich things and poor things also augur randomly

Random things are like seaside weeds

They grow by the days and grim by the tides

Random things are like roadside seeds

They grow in million and die in trillions

A random thing is a real thing

Be it random, once it is a thing, it is a being

Once it is a being, it is a memory

A painful memory is a real thing

A joyous memory is a fading thing

A rootless gypsy is not a real thing

A wounded hound is a beasty thing

A wicked word is a nasty thing

A messy metaphor is a nasty thing

I am not a real thing

I was a real thing

I will be a horror thing

I must be a burning thing

I end this monologue in a willful thinking

Each rich and poor thing

In each moments of austerity and extravaganza

In each minute of arguments

Augments a world of finer worries and wisdom webbed together