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Walking thoughts in a Port city from a Sunday morning

Today, November 30th 2014, I had an opportunity to walk through the length and breadth of my hometown, Kollam with my father. My father had a book of Buddhism in his hand and a Black Teflon material bag which I bought from somewhere outside India. In his own words, books and bags are his additional limbs.  Kollam is my beloved birthplace and a port city somewhere on the edges of the Indian subcontinent. Like any other decolonized port city with long stories and short episodes of abject poverty, our city is full of inequalities of all kind. Geographic, demographic, infograhic and all sort of graphs of inequality can be drawn from the shades and corners of this city.

For a span of three hours, we could forget the specifics of this world of inequality of wealth and comforts and we walked  in rising sunlight. Though our initial destination was ‘Thankasseri’ sea bridge, due to the time constraints we cut it short till Kollam beach side.

Loving kindness of nature and the natural beings emerged as the prime topic of our conversation. All the way through out the walk, I was vocal about the wise nature of the simplest of the creatures around us and how can we learn from them. In many occasions, I had seen that only dogs will be left to take care of the people who live in wretched ends of the street and misery. They expect nothing in return, except a warm heart and camaraderie.

I have seen the culture and the awareness of cocroaches, which are considered to be synonymous with dirt by many of us. These tiny creatures are so much aware of our aversion to their existence.  Due to this they run away from our eyes and vicinity as much as possible. They have been living in this earth for so long before us. We forget it conveniently and unconsciously and we go to the extent that we aspire to kill them in the first sight as much as possible. We discover thousand many reasons why they spread harmful diseases. We see this entire world of plants and animals as the carriers of diseases of numeruos kind. That is the height of our scientific inventions. We tend to suspect every animate species around us as threat to our existence. Is it taking us near or far from nature? This thought remains with me uncomforting my Sunday blues as I returned home and writing these lines immersed in random acts of nature.