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Nightmares, O nightmares

You run into my sedentary soul

Helpless in my own ways

I welcome your howling homecoming

I am your humble host

You toast my hunger

You know the fringes of my life

You trick me into their magic forests

You lead me to my ancestral desires

You took me to the fertile monasteries

You chase me into the pulpy graveyards

You spill blood all over my memories

You spread feather as if I am your witch

I am chained and fainted like a spider

In my own web of clogging affairs

In my own affinity with fistful terrains

Hours soaked in sweat

Heaps of thoughts and downpour

Harsh knives on to the veins

Holding myself tightly inside this blanket

I tried to finish the travesty of time travels

Yet you were merciless and grim

I had to entwine my desires

I had to meddle with their roots

In this moment of incompleteness

I am coming out with clutter and dirt in my head

Let the sunrise wash away the mud and the moorings

I am ready to host another week of surprises