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A Pendulum that sweeps through the garbage

Of emotions, timeless, brainless, priceless

Variety of things, Plenty of noises, yet the mass

is not yielding to the love for gravity among

all other things, life is what this pendulum

longs for, ever inside the dilation, a crisis moment

for time, midst the pedantry thoughts about life and species

that carves the next leaf of life, may be olive or orange

that catches fire, way above the prophecies of the mountains

When flow is upset, water is not for the lips

When frames ceases, energy is not for the universes

Let this pendulum exist in human frames of reference

Let they have their plenitudes in our penurious lives

Let us form a pendulous exit from this exodus of thoughts

A village awaits you, A glowing tip of a fire awaits you

A selfless smoke and an army of ashes awaits you

You are already half past the midnight

You are simply a human pendulum