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It is a primitive village in all the senses and perceptions. We may call it ‘Gandhara’. ‘Gandhara is a clan or a social group in the ancient Indian Puranas. I am always fascinated by the qualities and character of the strong lady ‘Gandhari’ from Mahabharata. She was not only bold, but she adored blindness for her full blind husband. Here were are telling the story of a village that lives in darkness, ignorance and not worried of being unable to change it. Hence no other name suites this village better.

No brains, no quarrels, no life after the twilight. Everyone were living under some kind of fear about Poison trees. People lived and died in this belief that there are poison trees walking at the night. They all slept in fear and were frantic in their days. They could not see any tree in the day time, but they were seeing shadows of trees at night.

They had no other choice but to fear the shades until they fade away in the sunrise. Quite intriguing, right? Despite this irrational existence, these nightly beings did not cause any practical trouble to the villagers. They never spend time in their day time to inquire about the shades of trees that appear only at night.

Poison Trees of Gandhara

There were no intelligent tribesman in their community who could dare this irrational state of affairs. The fear gradually started accentuating in their minds. They started chanting heavenly songs to alleviate their fear. Some of them lost their patience and started resorting to liquor to run away from the fear of the unknown. The whole situation turned out to be acrimonious then on wards. Liquor and abuse started replacing the holy and heavenly chants of the day. The drunkards started ignoring the existence of shadows and poison trees all together. When you have poison inside, you don’t need to worry about any kind of trees what so ever.

On such a night, one drunkard was left alone. In the group and the crowd, he was all brave. Now in the disturbing moments of silence, he saw poison trees engulfing the land and he felt like his legs where shaken off from the ground. He fell flat and was forced to look into the depths of the dark sky. He was seeing a long thing moving in the sky. It was looking like a big tower made of steel. What is it?

He was the first one in that entire village to look at the skies. All others who were in their normal senses never like to look at the scorching sun in the day and were afraid of even getting out at night.

Did he resolve the puzzle of the poison trees? What do you think?