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It is a cold morning. All the faces are chilled and grim. Everyone around us are clueless about what happened the previous night. We could not suppress our anguish over the miserable death of a mountain. We believed it has been there for ages, even before we came to this earth. Every trace of our belief is shattered now. Rays of heat and summer are boiling our sands and lives from today morning. We never experienced the fury of summer before.

It was all beautiful and harmonious when we had the mountain before us, ahead of our shadows which never took shape, beneath the clouds which never came down to the earth. If you stare at this mountain from afar you may think it is moving and rippling in front of you. If you look at it from near, you can see all sort of patterns possible.

Only a few people traversed to the other side of this mountain. Most of them did not come back to our township. Whoever came back, they came back impoverished and ill. Their skins were torn like cloths and their tongues were all shrunk deep into silence. it may not be an exaggeration if I say they looked like mummies of Egypt after their return. Hence we did not cherish the dream of crossing its boundaries. We were happy to live within the limits and we explored the world on the other side of our township. Our emotions towards this mountain was mixed with fear, curiosity, respect and safety. We did not dare to offer any worship. Neither we aspire to plant any trees or any kind of organisms there.

Every thing was calm and serene with the mountain till last week. Last week we started seeing a change in the color of the mountain sides. Initially we thought it is a change in the sun rays or due to the slanted reflections. But later we realized that it is not something outside of the mountain. The mountain itself was nothing but a huge hibernated collection of termites of varied sizes! We found it very difficult to digest.

Can termites be so patient? Can termites be so strong and solid? Can termites be so intelligent? Endless questions started digging our wooden heads like termites. We started appreciating one thing at last. They were living together for so long. They had decided to part with each other last week and they started the commotion towards the northern side. The seers and old aged leaders among us said these termites may re-build this mountain somewhere else in the future.

You may find it difficult to believe. How can termites build a formation as large as a mountain which survived for ages. Can some species of beings hibernate so long? I was  not sure till I lived with them. If polar bears can hibernate for months, then may be termites can hibernate for ages. Strange lives of sedentary species.