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Today, I mean just today on this idiotic hour

I returned from my tropical self

I have returned to my sheltered self

I have exchanged many selves

In the shelves of many pelted selves

I may monger a little longer than wider my odd self

I may oblige to your oblique selves and richer selves

Not always have I sold my self to your flickering self

You are always ease at your self

You are always a comrade near and a blockade afar

You see my skewed self and my asymmetric velvet self

I am waiting for my plastic self and counting for centuries thereafter

I am chewing myself and all other written words and odd letters

Let this skillful self become a shivering self with wrinkled papers

Wood and cotton to follow the fate of the paper selves

With no oblique reference to the biblical self, a burned out self is born