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I resemble no common faces

A mix of fate and fortune

Yet I hunt for resemblances

About people, places, faces, ideas, emotions

I confront their hideouts every other day

Nothing about them is clear and near

Knowing their intimate force upon my eyes

I am crawling in my own gardens

Oh my eyes ! Why do you deceive yourself?

I am chilled and frilled as I gaze

Bold and brutal resemblances

Their stone vaults

I embrace them in a hurry

And hide in their coincidences

And heave their concurrences

And linger to their uncertainties

And reveal the antecedents

I resemble many uncommon ideas

Thus I hunt for resemblances

It is largely pale and poisonous

Though unintentionally beautiful

There is a larger whiteness about all the dark spots

Faces are specially woven

All the intricacy is subdued and polite

I must appreciate the craftsmanship

I must wield myself into their variances

Resemblances, are they kind?

Resemblances, are they random or real?

I resemble a turn of thoughts

I resemble a train of thoughts

Thus I am tuned to think about odd hours

And how I minced my silence in their mercy

There is a larger terrain irrational

Where I hover intimidated

Where I have a feeling for heist

Where I harp aloud about unknown heights

Middle road to the wisdom

I wed ignorance of the means

Riddles, let their be riddles

Pleasures, let their be pleasures

I am not yielding to your ripened future

A choice in the plenitude of frenzies

A force to resist all resemblances

All the leaves are laid to rest

All the fiddles are put to play

Let the gamblers gobble with the resemblances

Let me embrace the oddities alone