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There are books written on republic

There are nations born as republic

Yes, there is so much of blood and faith in the name of republic

Now I learned how to trade a republic

In the day marked for the feast and hoist

There was a trader bureaucrat in our soil

He minced no words to praise our subservience

He winked at our glory and pittance alike

He wooed and booed us the same time

He ate and crushed our delicacies

He left us without a trace of dust

Only now I know he has secured a deal

That can turn us into a heap of dust or nuclear mist

We are mastering the art of slavery

Without knowing the pittance of pain

I heard the other day about spying with 15,000 cameras

Now I started hating my two naked eyes

That can hardly see anything beneath the wolverine faces

Now I started wooing the name of leaders who etch their names

Now I started fetching my fate in the signatures

Of scoundrels that trade our future centuries

Who are we heralding the flags and fists ?

Who are we hissing for in the darkness?

Even my poisoned mind has realized its mundane existence

Even my pillaged self has realized the bait offered in my name

When bait and beat becomes one, I will trade my coffin in thy name