I had been contradicting on my ambitions and aspirations to become a published poet, for quite some time now. It is now that I have taken a resolve not to go after a short lived goal to be a published poet.

Sometime I loved the moments I publish the poems on blog, when somebody reads them online and seeing the rising points in web analytics. I continued to dream about the day when I publish a book of poetry. But why should I publish ? What am I gaining out of it?

Many days, I was reluctant to share my poems with the critics around me. Many times I was defensive to the criticisms about my poems. Some years ago I had even a rough spat with a friend of mine over the style of my poetry. All for meaningless reasons whatsoever !

Poetry and all such forms of literature is a continuous flow of knowledge and history. It is not confined to any achievements in the lifetime. The moment you create a quality verse, you are becoming part of a fraternity of people who loved a world created out of configured words. You needn’t publish a poem or talk aloud  to become a qualified poet.

But this publishing dream has been drifting away from me for some reason or another. I pondered over it. Time and again. Eight years after writing my first poem in English, I have decided to take a confined journey as a poet. It just means that I am silently blending my lines of thought into a lineage of abstract imagination.