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Entering a deluge of emotions, his body embraced another season of passivity and dejection. It has been his fate time and again. He is passing through the troughs and furrows quite some time.

He was wondering if there is an end to this ordeal at all. Every new surprises carried a hidden pain for him. He discovered them in the most unexpected moments. His journey with these encounters are continuing endless.

This made him volatile and floating at the same time. He lost belief that anything at all is certain in life. Everything thing transfigured in front of him, dreams, vision, predictions, beliefs, religion, faith, oaths, emotions, people, self and so on. In this coiled state of affairs, he wanted to shrink his existence into some hideouts.

Interestingly, he found no where to hide. Everywhere, he had the blunt edge of reality to confront. In this dry wry ensemble, he found his passage to be very much relational. Every experience was relational, meaningful and ever lasting. ‘

He could not forget anything he experienced. The troughs and furrows reminded him sharply. In between he had the rhythm and clarity. His life continues in the uncharted territories of memories and uncertain episodes. Unfounded and unfazed, he smiled at them endlessly.