Poetry is like any forms of art that constructs its own structure around the experiences. Poets undertake this task with an abstract sense of beauty. Communicative possibilities, whether verbal or vocal, has a definitive role in their aesthetics.

How will you know that a certain configuration of words produce a beautiful and communicative idea? It is derived from the extent to which you have absorbed an imminent reality, full of distortions and divergences.

Genuine poetry exist in the discontinuities of the social fabric. They demonstrate a strange vigor to go in search of those discontinuities. Earlier times, this was attributed to the unconscious nature of language and mind. In modern times, discontinuities in experience is becoming a conscious and objective reality with the immersive possibilities of an all invading, all penetrating capitalistic experience.

This trajectory and pursuit is most often a remarkable oddity in itself. They take words and expressions, align and realign them and mirror their mind towards the extreme possibilities of the construct and drive the readers in a state of absolute concentration or infinite divergence.

In any case, it is never an easy task mining your mind for words that reflect the currents and turbulence of this exterior world around us. Like how poets and poetry exist in the discontinuities of the society, a lot of discontinuities and dichotomies exist in the linguistic universe of a poet. Through these discontinuities, poetry generates new meanings and relationships. A good poet is aware of the rifts and tremors of his mind. He / she will be able to posit words in such a flux.