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What do you feel about the term ‘digital transformation’ ? This was a topic emerged during the candid conversation with a friend of mine during the last Friday evening. Both of us stared at each other for a while. Then we went back to our thoughts.

Dombis_1687We tried not to get glued in any predefined thoughts, anecdotes or reviews on the term. It was an attempt to perceive the interiors and exteriors of the concept in terms of our own knowledge.

For me, the combination ‘digital + transformation’ was more than the sum of two words. Yes, it is beyond the simple application of digital tools to transform the enterprise.  I believed the concept of digital is more that the devices and tools that generate digital signals. It is a way to adapt to the needs of the current space and time.

For my friend, it was a method devised to modernize the enterprise to meet the contemporary needs of market or society. He added one more thought saying that it is an organic alignment to the needs of the current market and society.

Thus for both of us understood the need to adapt / align / reflect to the needs of the contemporary market and economy. Digital transformation is not an adaptation of predefined tools and processes, rather a conscious attempt to be in sync with the contemporary society and market. Then the natural question is whether the current society is digital?

Our current society is not yet fully digitized. Yet we embrace digital platforms and lifestyles like never before. We may need to traverse centuries further to be called fully digital society. May be we will never get fully digital as a new concept my disrupt the society in future. Hence digital transformation methods of today may turn obsolete when society enters new epochs.

Thus we need to realize that it is not digital tools and methods that drive the transformation, but the need to align with the contemporary society. It is an intuitive and conscious motive to be in tune with the times. Thus keeping our transformation methods consciously in perpetual beta and evolving phase is as important as digital adoption.

Picture: Irrational Geometrics digital art installation by Pascal Dombis ( from Wikipedia )