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In between the work hours and the late evening calls, he sat down near his favorite notebook and browsed through a few pages. Those spectacles in the table corner glared at him. Suddenly, an old internet browsing cafe glanced through his mind. It was handled all in all by a self taught computer savy young blood and his mother.

This narrative develops through the brief interaction with her. She considered her spectacles to be more efficient than the computer mouse that she had to confront the every other minute.  Perhaps she knew how to open a browser and check if the internet connection exists. Before handing over the computer to each and everyone, she used to give a brief lecture as to how carefully we should handle the mouse. When we look through her ways, may be the computer terminals were as fragile and important as flowers in a garden or the home furniture.

Within a few visits, we became friends. She told me about the hardworking life of her only son. He seems to be struggling to run the cafe profitable. Apparently, in between his struggles, he has forgotten to marry. Computer terminals, internet URLs, downloaded files and his mother, were the only considerations for him.

I never had a chance to know him better as my human interest was more towards her interactions with machines in her peculiar ways. After so many years, her spectacles confront me every time I struggle with a new tech gadget !