They grew in courage time and again. Every time, I see them in kitchen sinks, or washrooms, or basins, they appeared insistent on their right to exist.

I was a proud owner of this 1445 square feet renter apartment, only to be challenged by these tiny cockroaches in the late hours of the night and early hours of the day. Yet I am quite convinced that the other species and beings from taxonomy shares the same sense of occupancy in this tiny earth.

Since last year, I have developed a sense of conscience camaraderie or willful coexistence with them. Many times I felt that these six legged creatures understands our pulse and impulse more vividly that our fellow homo sapiens. Perhaps their primordial heritage in living pre-human era has given them better understanding about our ways. In that sense they own all these places from time immemorial.

These brown bodied souls were always conscious enough not to disrupt my normal proceedings at house. At the same time, they were also feeling quite comfortable on our accidental and coincidental confrontations somewhere at midnight. They slowly faded away into the potholes and nether lands of our abode as soon as I interrupted their treasure hunts.

Not all of them were food gatherers or water surfers, or treasurer hunters. Some of them were aimless wanderers and nomadic beings with no strings attached. They found pleasure in simply gazing at the way others lived and died. Irrespective of all the differences, all of them must be good at sleeping peacefully at day time.

In this flummoxed state of affairs, I decided to leave my rented house for another day at work. Let them sleep the rest of the day without the husky ways of my daily routines.