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Nature is such an interest will, thing of determination, existing in and out of you, through your being and nothingness, hope and despair and all sort of ciphers of yourself.

Nature is also a bewildering variety of will, bound and unbound, wise and childish, born and unborn, frantic and lucid, of all seasons, for all seasons.

It finds you from utmost impossible hideouts, and same time it can hide you into the a life of almost unimaginable obscurity, mediocrity and all such kind of experiences.

Like a diamond in a dirt, you may be able to reflect all the luminous rays of this enchanting world of yours. Yet you may live and die the fate of any other hard stone in the neighborhood.

At times, you may be a feather light species, yet floating all the skies and wings of tomorrow. You never know what nature want from you and it is willed to mine from your various pathways.

Walk ahead, walk alone, straight and strong. Nature only knows your mold and metal. It will melt you to the core, till the sheen stems out of the darkness, in the eternal moment of truth.