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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has stepped down, inline with the market expectations and the rumors round the corner for some time now. This has been directly and visibly attributed mainly to the sluggish growth in the user base for a revolutionary communication, collaboration and content aggregation platform.


Is Twitter Juggernaut slowing down?

Now that everyone is sharing their causal and critical analysis on the turn of events, let me also have the share of the pie. As an active consumer of Twitter wisdom, I find a few architectural flaws in the current state of Twitter.

  1. Accentuating information clutter: When I look at my twitter feed, lion share of the content is dis-interesting and disengaging. Sometimes it is flooded with the ‘so called marketing aphorisms’ and self promotion tweets. Many at times, I see the repetitive content marketing feeds. The user is left with the hard job of selectively un-following these kind of clutter creators.
  2. Skewed social graph: There is no way the consumer ‘feels at home’ with the platform. There is no community formation happening in Twitterati, unlike Facebook or Instagram. Some of us are followers and some of us are influencers. There is a huge disparity and ‘Network gap’ between them.
  3. Limited possibility for content curation: Even though I have created multiple lists of related twitter profiles, I have to manually go to those lists to see the curated content. There is no automated and organic approach to synthesizing my curated content with the twitter feeds on my profile page.

At the end of the day, I find it better to spend time in platforms like Klout or LinkedIn Pulse for interesting posts and hot trends, than surfing through the information clutter and marketing mess in Twitter. I am sure all these design flaws cannot be attributed to Dick Costolo. Still I believe this is a right opportunity to reflect on a great information broadcasting platform which still has untapped potentials for future.