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An act of semblance

An act of whisper

An act of breeze

An act of subservience

Vanishing act of vertebrates

In a hazy maze of instincts

Nothing is left to talk

Nothing is rift in the carnage of the cells

Nothing is etched out in silica and carbon

Leaving science and frenzy in perils

Natural order prevails

Upon the rising Sun and uphill clouds

Vanishing act is a no man’s land

Vanishing act is an every man’s choice

We have written millions of texts

We have encoded the billionth life

Yet all that is lost in this vanishing act

Every morning is a fresh age

Every life is a fresh leaf

Every spine is a new neural cocoon

Every nerve is a new floral self

Every flower is a new fig and honey

Every molecule of honey is from a new beehive

Every beehive is a nascent design

Every design is a delightful expression