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Far far, afar, fur further

Near, near, nether, nascent

Middle, Muddle, Muddy, mesh

Revolving chairs every where

Minting mask on a mural mix

They rule the roost of a roofless rift

You may call it a spade

They run the rim of a ripening reed

You may call it a gory

They ape through this anemic age

You may call it a refuge

River far, farther than the fatherlands

Riveted on a revolutionary protoplaza

Mitochondria exist and ever energetic

Risking a word, altars of altruism

Archetypes of arachnophobia

Reeds of revisions, faster than the fumes

Marches of Many hoists

Spectacles of axioms

Now we tether the signals

Beyond beams and beasts

Installations of the instant gratified

Inspiring the instant glorified

Instincts of the instant glossified

Cotton faces, Crystal facades

They worship the red wine in rainbow glasses

Hourglasses, are they leaning left?

Burning glasses, are you learning right?

Beyond the golden ratios and the silica hybrids

New leaders for the new facades

Old masses for the older coffins

Funnels and fins, felonious figures