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They meet at the center of the universe

A lazy spider with a venomous lust

Saliva in its glue glut and savage webs

A worker bee with a frivolous fist

Nectar useless to its soul, it carried to the mountains

They meet in utter disdain and in vertical azimuths

They are in the shades of a poison tree

Positioned in between the twigs of life and death

Honey and glue, they never formed a pebble burst

Outlanders, they are, outlandish they are

Flattened legs and fuming eyes, they both survived their angst

Poles apart, they were chased down by magnets

In fear and fever, they parted ways

Spider on the ladder, Bee on the beach

Spider sans web, Bee sans beehive

They felt loneliness to the core, crippling with time

Laziness to the haze, spider survived the seasons

In meditation, intricate to its own nascent senses

Tepid and torrid, worker bee made hexagonal worlds

Gaze of a gory child, it was nothing but an unconscious life

When strains equal music, they must meet again

Lazy spider and worker bee, distant they are, adjoined by effervescence

Lust and wickedness, they meet in magnetic poles

Only to wither away in weathers of conjectures