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Not sure if a sedentary Sunday night and a monstrous breakfast has an impact on these fragmented thoughts. Chennai has been my second home for more than a decade now. All throughout the significant twists and turns in my professional life and the epochs in my personal life, I kept coming to Chennai in surprising frequency. It is now that I have got some ambient time and space to jot down my thoughts.

ChennaiThe Chennai in my memories and nostalgic edges has been an exuberant city with wildest of the colors and loudest of the inner voices. It reflected a persistent soul resisting the buoyancy of a dualistic mode of livelihood. Things have changed. Perhaps these thoughts are caused as I have come back as a business professional this time. Perhaps these thoughts are result of my stay inside an information technology park.

Chennai has become silent and subdued. Metropolitan way of life has engulfed its multitudes of benign expressions and polyphonic folksonomy . It’s humane will has been dwarfed by a gargantuan tide of melancholic cult. This was something surprisingly odd . I believed Chennai had a primordial cultural lattice that can survive and withstand any social change and economic tide with grace and tenacity. Chennai has proved to be yet another city chopped of its intrinsic spirit in times of chaos.I am not sure if the economic activity is on a rate of deceleration.

When I spoke to many city inhabitants, it seems the recent flood has wiped of the confidence of its people quite substantially. It may be true that the scars of the flood will continue to haunt them for some more time. We have to remember that severe summer solitude and the monstrous Tsunami couldn’t chop its ebullient wings.  I believe the flood has caused only a temporal setback. I hope the current thread of melancholy will only be transient. I am still figuring out the extent of this mutation and the spread of this cultural shift. Let me travel a little further and beyond.