Are we evolving to be more intelligent species through technology? Constructs of meta-intelligence and machine intelligence tells us that we can build better forms of intelligence around us, either embedding on our machines or surrounding us in virtual modes. There is no doubt that we will evolve to be better intelligent species over the larger course of time. However, now there are a group of technocratic visionaries who believe digital technologies can accelerate our evolution as better intelligent species.

In the following video, the founder of XPRIZE foundation and Singularity University, Dr. Peter H. Diamandis talks about his perspectives on meta-intelligence.

Optimism about our digital future and techno-centrist progress is definitely a positive notion. However, we should be careful to differentiate between sermons and pedagogy from rational projections on future. Key aspects emerging from the positions of Dr.Peter Diamandis are about abundance of natural and virtual resources and the belief in the accelerated rate of evolution both guided and empowered by exponential technologies which helps to realize digital disruption and agile innovation.

Is this notion of meta-intelligence and exponential technologies anything novel at all?

Meta intelligence is described as a state in which we tend to progress on a rapid trajectory through leveraging various forms of intelligence,awareness and information capital that we have acquired and accumulated. Perhaps our digital intelligentsia is just realizing the dynamics of meta intelligence only now,thanks to the convergence of media formats and knowledge graph.

The property of meta intelligence has been a defining feature of human civilization for  a long term,if we look at the history of various cultures,tribes,societies and interest groups.The Jungian constructs of racial unconscious ,collective consciousness,the archetypes ans similar psycho-social and semiotic entities denote meta intelligence embedded in the human civilization.


Our languages , our art forms and aesthetics, our dreams etc. are all manifestations of meta intelligence distributed across human knowledge collectives. All these constructs exhibit a capability to diffuse and disperse through length and breadth of humanity through ages of time and continental spaces. Yes, these are polynomials of meta intelligence constituting an abstract semiotic lattice full of  cognitive elements.Meta intelligence is a property of nature.It cannot be  singularly ascribed to the digital revolution which is of recent origin spanning just a few decades.

We should examine the empirical and absolutist nature of exponential technologies in this light. Technological advancements get projected on the exponential curves of market predictions and revenue growth charts only when they reach a particular threshold level of maturity,scale and stability.Until then it is lies in the hype cycles of market research organizations.Hype cycles exhibit probabilistic ,speculative and transient nature.Not all technology in the hype cycles qualify as exponential technologies.It is  through the careful scrutiny and diligent evaluation by the thought leaders of financial capital,an array of technologies are hand picked as exponential technologies.Today, it could be nanomaterials, 3D printing, quantum computing, robotics etc. Tomorrow this could be radically different.

To summarize, there is a journey from hyperbolic plots to exponential curves for every nascent technology.This journey is orchestrated by the market forces driving global business and information economy.Unless you understand the rules and dynamics of this topological shift ,you will never be able to calibrate the intrinsic value of these exponential technologies.If you evangelize or endorse a boutique of technologies as  exponential without understanding the causal connection and lineage of disruption,you are just becoming the cheer leaders or paid puppets for a few pundits and prophets from exotic laboratories.

Discovering the true jargon of authenticity in this age of cacophony and carnivalesque, demands rational ramifications on every single idea emerging from corridors of technologies. It could be about meta-intelligence, exponential technologies, cognitive informatics, machine super intelligence, anthropic principles or any other jargon. It is our rational review that helps us to differentiate the illusory jargon of digital determinism from the true discovery of digital consciousness.