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RV-AI719_BKRV_M_P_20121116004627Intelligence is a hot topic in technical and business circles. Intelligence is no longer an intellectual or philosophical or psychological topic of discussion. Intelligence is now regarded as the fuel for the future engines of progress for humanity. Artificial intelligence is expected to fuel the most important machines of our time. Be it IBM Watson, or Apple Siri, or Amazon Alexa or Google DeepMind, Artificial intelligence is the driving force for all these advanced information machinery.  When we are seeing a society and economy dominated by the constellation of advanced machinery and their information architecture, it is quite natural to believe that the combination of artificial intelligence and advanced information machinery is going to rule this world. Even if we accept the autonomous nature of information machinery powered by artificial intelligence, the question of energy and its dialectic relationship with intelligence comes into play.

How does energy influences intelligence? Does this question sound odd ? When I mention intelligence,  it is not only artificial intelligence. The terrain of intelligence touches upon natural intelligence, human intelligence, societal intelligence, personal intelligence, organic intelligence, cellular intelligence, atomic intelligence, sub-atomic intelligence, particle intelligence, material intelligence, fluid intelligence, entropy intelligence, fractal intelligence, quantum intelligence and so on. Artificial intelligence we are talking about is just a sub-set of human intelligence in the personal and inter-personal level. It is not even the complete mapping of human intelligence at the societal, personal and organic level. If we take into account these multitude categories of intelligence, the next question is on the dialectic relationship between energy and intelligence.

The relationship between energy, matter and space time is of profound implications. At the quantum mechanical level, energy influences space time properties such as angular momentum, velocity, wave length, frequency etc. On the galactic dimensions, space time curvature together with matter influences the nature of electromagnetic waves. The precise nature of energy, matter and space time are meshed together in the extreme dimensions, be it microscopic or macroscopic. This dialectical relationship between matter and energy is manifested in different space time conjectures differently.