Every particle on this fermented soil wants to turn a pheromone

Every prism on this dew desires a glossy spectacle life

Every grain on this murky field loves to sway on your shoulders one day

Every pebble on this shore aspires the embrace of a tilting tide

Every blinded beat on this rhythm travels miles before you sleep

Every fractal on this leaf turns Fatou or Julia or their mesomorph

Every fizzog on this mirror turns purple and catches nightmares

Every element on this lava turns metal upon eternal winter

Everything, Every thin, thick, thinking thing on this Earthly Earth

thrives to be fertile, fuming or flying


Residue, of life, of lines, of lineage, of lizards, of lust, of limbic leeches

Every tentacle on this tensile , tensor skin

Every tear on this tepid cheek

Every mystery on this mosaic

Every trance in this globular gaze

Everything, every bloody body on this voyage

wants a moment of meaningful monologue

….. I stalled on a marshland, stood aloof

….. I stepped down a stealth footprint

….. I steeped deep into thyself, only to sign veins of my earth !