It is the land of calico

The raw cotton livelihood

The rustic life of livid lines

A vestige of its heritage

I found in crystal lights

Merchants have a lineage

Mermaids have a lineage

Misery has a lineage

I wonder if I have a lineage

I am foiled in this city

I am coiled in this city

I saw pathways of a sweet street

I saw parallels in this sweet street

I saw history paddling in this street

Less of beggars, lots of labourers

Light of limelights, light of lifeless

New calico is on the verge of a merge

New calico is mushrooming malls

New calico is mincing minions

I am leaving the city to come again

I need cottons of my coinage

I need cottons for my coinage

I need cottons with my coinage

I am sure it’s a cotton candy city !!!