This will be a blank slate

This won’t be a blank verse

This will be a boiler plate

This won’t be a benign meet

It’s an impending erasure

It’s an immeasurable echo

It’s the sound edges of a muse

It’s the brutal wedge of a shell

It’s the brittle mask of a skull

Lesser Life

It’s about a lesser life

A lesser messier life

A liquid larvae of life

A lipid lava of life

You will come back

You will surely come back

You will surely leaf back

You will visit this foil

You will visit this foliage

You will vermin this forest

You will visit this forest fist

This will be lesser life then

This will be an easier life then

This will be a brave life when

You and I laugh at this moment

A life less, blessed

A life chess, crossed

It’s mostly a binary

Bleak white scars

Blank dark scares

Binary choices

Stark contrasts

Edible letters

Etched lips

Echo lumens

Ethereal ellipsis


I am at shore

Perhaps I was shored

An insane mundane shore

A humane meagre shore

A measure of my erasure

Abundance of evidence

Acclimation of apertures

Apertures void, lumen horrid

Agony avid,

Divided I matters

Devoid of meters

Deceptive metrics

Delighted methods

Decipher madness

Demeanour I ensue

Dialogues of mirrors

Dancing in cascades

A great greater glance

A glance of globular gyroscope