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Meanings in life

Purpose in life

Perhaps in my genes

Encoded, Embedded

Like granaries of infinities

Perhaps like in miseries

Embittered, embroiled

Like gems burned in soils

Perhaps it’s quite relative

Contextual, convoluted

Like you say a jigsaw puzzle

Perhaps there is nothing at all

Void, irrational, irreducible

Like the impulses and instincts

Of my born voyage

Perhaps it’s an integral sum of

My affinities, atoms and the insects

I love and sects I am born to hate

Perhaps it’s a fractal finitude

Of my broken arms, charms and arms

Like the ambiguous synonyms

I am destined to weave into this last

Perhaps it’s an ephemeral epoch

Of my sun, soil, solitude, solenoid

And burning coils and magnets

And brittle mirrors in my larvae

Perhaps it’s being written

Bringing ashes, glory, grief and gory

When I worship solar storms and Solaris

Perhaps it’s being unwritten

As I demolish and demean my tempest

Unto this utterances of prismatic promises

Perhaps it’s a synthesis of written and unwritten, like a crystal lattice unfold

Perhaps it’s a pursuit

After my musings, myriad of shadows

Lean, limbs, limping lumps of lasting leafs

I tether here and there, like a flow of pulses

I wither where and wear, waiting for warps

It’s a form of life after a firm life, long longings

It’s a firm life after a form of life, lean lenses

Like a leech, larvae, lava living lipid liquids