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Internet is such a simple word, so minimal, so technical, so unexciting, so basic, so primitive, so rudimentary such that we have plugged into it so swiftly, so effortlessly, so continuously, so seamlessly in many forms and formats. I never new networking was such as powerful thing before experiencing internet. It has been the biggest dream I have lived. It is the largest reality that cannot deny. It is the messiest maze I have been to.

What is internet for you ? a cave. ? a maze ..? a ladder ..? a gaze ..? a haze …? It could be anything and everything. I have started surfing internet in 1997. By the standards of today, it is quite late for a 16 year old boy from India. I hailed from a remote town in the state of Kerala for whom a personal computer has been a distant luxury even in the engineering studies. Hence internet came to my life as a career imagination during college days.

It has inspired my curiosity for knowledge by many folds. When I look back into my tryst with Internet, it has been an evolutionary experience, if evolution is a simple metaphor.

Now when I reflect upon the internet as a macrocosm, as a cosmos, as a firmament, it is full of leeches. It is full of fissures. It is full of fulcrums. It is full of fractals. It is full of serpents. It is full of ashes. It is full of tunnels.

It is not what is. Internet has been a refuge. It has been an ensemble. It has been a mirage. It has been a fume. It has been a dust. It has been a lot of different entities. I will narrate them in this log of blogs. Keep surfing !!