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It is a beginning. The very beginning of a train of thoughts. Away from the distances and disturbances of verses and veins. A lot of poems have pierced this fragmented fabric. Time to pen proses. It may be an interlude. It may a solitude. It may be a desert dawn. It may be a twilight tesselation.

A prose is more ocular than a verse. A verse is always an occult and a voice. I need to write a verse to narrate the mechanics of mind and matter, energy and essence.

Asymptotes has attracted my thoughts ever since I saw them early in my childhood mathematics lessons. My first encounter with asymptotes has been in a hysteric hyperbola in a black chalk board.

Hyperbola has been one of my first disjointed experiences in geometry. It has always perplexed my coherent and convergent perceptions about figures and facts.

Why am I taking about asymptotes now? it has accumulated way more meanings and musings ever since I travelled beyond school mathematics.

I just realised by reading from world wide web that asymptote has a reference in psychology as well. That was quite interesting.

One question that comes to my mind reading about the mechanics of asymptotes is this – is it the curve approaching the line or the line approaching the curve? It is an amusing question to my mathematical mind.

When we go into the etymology of the word – asymptotes we can understand it is a coinage from Ancient Greek culture. It means lines not falling together. From this reference we could deduce that the curve concepts were introduced to the world of asymptotes later. The linear geometry may be the early inspiration for asymptotes.