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it is interesting to see through the words. It is an immersive experience to see through the words. Words are the tessellations of myriads of minds. Both languages and logic have their origins and modalities reflecting the order of things. Sometimes linguists consider language as formal and semiotic. Sometimes we study about language games. Formalisms and game theory study languages from interesting but intricate vantage points. Strangely enough, together with the measures of order, there are chaos enmeshed and embodied in all the languages, both pragmatic and primitive kind. This is why we should understand that both order and disorder can co-exist in the same modalities and architectures.

It may sound quite counter intuitive in a preliminary point of view. However on a deeper inspection, we can understand that both order and disorder recognise each other. Order, chaos, and their convergence are apparently fractal in nature. This fractal nature is the result of a conjugal co-existence.When matter from multiple dimensions interpolate and coalesce, properties of order and disorder amplify and accentuate each other. This kind of a mutual reinforcement is an interesting phenomena.